Careers at MTB

Are there current job openings?

Our approach to finding new talent is to accept applications and resumes throughout the year. We may not have an immediate requirement for your skill set, but when the need arises we want to have a number of candidates that have the right skills and experience.

What's the work environment like at MTB?

MTB is essentially a service business, and our success is almost entirely dictated by the quality and commitment of our people. In order to compete, and win business, we must be better than our competition and we need to create value for our Customer with every job that we do. To achieve this level of success, we work in a collaborative environment where everyone contributes with their ideas on how to work smarter every day. This requires that we work together to find better ways of repairing and overhauling equipment and solving complex technical problems on transit equipment. If you are simply looking for a job and you want your boss to stay out of your way, MTB is not the right place for you. However, if you want to be challenged and you are energized by continually being asked how we can do things better, smarter, faster and safer then you are at the right place.

What kind of work is available?

Our main work deals with vehicle and system overhaul at our facility in Milton, Ontario – just west of Toronto. In addition, we also provide technical support services to a number of major transit vehicle suppliers. These “Tech Support” jobs are typically located in Toronto and could be contract jobs of a fixed duration, or long term roles working for MTB and supporting our supplier’s products in the market.

I'm young and do not have a lot of experience - do I have a shot at a job with MTB?

Our team is made up of a diverse group of people with varying backgrounds and experiences. Many of our people started in the transit business at a young age and we value the energy and capabilities that youth brings to our business and our industry. The people that we hire are all committed and responsible people that want to work as part of a team to achieve great results. From a technical standpoint, if you don’t have years of experience, we look for training and education in your trade to help you contribute from day one. Provided you have the right attitude, we will invest in you to further advance your skills and capabilities.

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